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  company profile  
  Aslan Machine supplies the most comprehensive line of machinery and equipment for manufacturing aluminum, vinyl, wood and fiberglass windows and doors.

Aslan Machine combines years of experience with constant innovation for high quality machinery and service for window and door manufacturers in North America.

Aslan Machine aims to further increase its customer portfolio by adopting an uncompromising quality attitude and by providing outstanding service. We strive on a daily basis to advance strong, reliable, and sound business relations. Our customers benefit from our years of expertise and training.

We help them choose the best machines for their needs and help them avoid costly mistakes. If you aim to achieve the most efficient, economical and precise processing of aluminum, vinyl, wood and glass, Aslan Machine is just the partner you have been looking for.
  company founder  

Aslan Machine was founded by Dr. Murat Cil to provide quality machines and services for the window industry.

Dr. Cil holds a Masters and a Ph.D. degree in engineering from the University of Texas at Austin. He received his BS from the Middle East Technical University in Turkey.

He adds the quality of a PhD to his business relations. "You are the only PhD I know in window machine business" a customer once remarked.

He has traveled to numerous states and countries since 1998 to provide machine sales, installation, and technical service. He has been highly praised for paying attention to his customer's needs.

He passes on his knowledge of potential trouble spots in machines and services to our team of engineers in the factory to improve the quality of our products.

Prior to his career in the machine business, Dr. Cil worked with interdisciplinary teams in solving complex engineering problems and published numerous articles in English for academic journals.

"Machine business requires a great attention to detail, especially if you are going for automated production lines. A PhD mind comes handy when accomplishing the best for the customer. Our customers will not be disappointed with the service they get from us." says Dr. Cil.

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