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Automatic Four Point Welder / Four Head Welder (Single Stack)
  technical features  
  For welding four corners of vinyl profiles at one time.
SIEMENS Computer system and other electronic components from SIEMENS.
Touch screen SIEMENS monitor and PLC control system (10.4 SIEMENS color).
Welds sash and frame profiles at 90 at all heads.
High accuracy on welding.
Welds both white and color profiles.
Automatic welding action.
Can hold a database of at least 200 profiles (9 parameters for each profile) (Melting, welding, and retaining time, height, width, profile number, color information, mould number, manufacturer company code).
Forming a database and memory for 500 products.
Allows fast data input.
Welding clearance is 0.2 mm
Welds north American and European profiles
Central lubrication system, automatic Teflon wrapping device
RAILS (specially coated to prevent from oxidation)
Hardened steel screwed mile and geared excitation system
Digital temperature control system.
Safety guard for protection.
Pneumatic profile clamping system.
Easy to use control panel.
Operates in five different languages
  optional equipment  
  Profile fixtures (single stack) per set
Barcode reader
Profile welding counter blocks
Gasket pressing system


Technical Data

American Units

Metric Units

Operating voltage

220 V,
Three phase

220 V, 
Three phase


60 Hz

60 Hz

Total power

14 Hp

10 kW


30 Amp

30 Amp

Air pressure

90-120 psi

6-8 Bar

Air consumption


250 Lt/min

Machine length

181 inch

4600 mm

Machine width

169 inch

4300 mm

Machine height

63 inch

1600 mm

Machine weight

5060 lb

2300 kg

Max. Profile height

7 inch

180 mm

Min. Profile height

1.2 inch

30 mm

Max. Profile width

4.7 inch

120 mm

Max. Profile length

118 x 102 inch

3000 x 2600 mm

Min. Profile length

16 x 16 inch

400 x 400 mm

Min. Profile length w/seal press

19.7 x 19.7 inch

500 x 500 mm

Welding angle



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