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Fully-Automatic Double Miter Saw, 18 inch (450mm)
  technical features  
  For cutting aluminum and vinyl profiles.
Can cut profiles at all angles from 45 to 90
Automatic head tilting to 90 and 45
Multiple profile cutting at one sequence.
Safety guards for saw blade protection.
The left head is fixed, the right head is movable manually.
Easy and fast control of the right cutting head for required size.
Pneumatic profile clamping system.
Easy to use control pannel.
Cut-list generation.
Remote computer connection.
  standard equipment  
  Saw Blades.
Conveyor connected to the right of the moving head.
Safety & instruction manual.
  optional equipment  
  Barcode printer connection.
Hydro-pneumatic system for Aluminum cutting.
Cooling system to cut Aluminum.
Aluminum wedge cutting.


Technical Data

American Units

Metric Units

Operating voltage

220 V,
Three Phase

220 V, 
Three Phase


60 Hz

60 Hz

Total power

5 Hp or 6 Hp

3.6 kW or 4.3 kW (optional)


20 Amp

20 Amp

Air pressure

90-120 psi

6-8 Bar

Air consumption


30 Lt/min

Machine length

195 + 47 inch

4950 + 1200 mm

Machine width

50 inch

1250 mm

Machine height

61 inch

1550 mm

Machine weight

1705 lb

775 kg

Max. Profile height

6.5 inch (5.9 option)

165 mm (150 mm option)

Max. Profile width

6.5 inch (5.9 option)

165 mm (150 mm option)

Max. Cut length

159 inch

4050 mm

Min. Cut length

17.7 inch

450 mm

Cutting angle

All angles from 45o to 90o

All angles from 45o to 90o

Saw blade diameter

18 inch

450 mm

Saw blade bore dia.

1.18 inch

30 mm

Saw blade rotation

3000 rpm

3000 rpm

Motor rotation

3000 rpm

3000 rpm

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